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"Machine Learning in a Box"

Unlock the Power of Your Data with AI-Powered Insights

SquareML is a revolutionary no-code machine learning platform that democratizes access to advanced data analytics and predictive modeling capabilities. Designed for users with varying levels of technical expertise, SquareML empowers individuals and organizations to harness the power of machine learning without requiring extensive coding knowledge or specialized skills.

Generative AI For Healthcare Analytics

Generative AI For Healthcare Analytics

Machine learning analytics
Machine learning analytics
Machine learning analytics
Machine learning analytics

Enterprise Platform

No-Code Machine Learning Platform for Insights and Predictive Analytics

IoT/ Healthcare Event Orchestration Web Platform for configuring Rules / Actions / Notifications

Telehealth, home health setup to connect/collect/act on data from patients/ wearables

Machine learning analytics
Machine learning analytics
Machine learning analytics

Generative AI, ML Models, analytics, prediction, NLP, forecasting, ICD Mapping, etc.

Role-based Access, User Management, Self-Service Dashboards, alerts via SMS, Email etc.

Remote Patient Monitoring, IoT data, monitor patient data, receive timely notifications etc.

Machine learning analytics
Machine learning analytics

Build, Deploy and Manage Models

Streamline your data with SquareML

SquareML specializes in the ingestion of data from multiple sources, involving the collection, cleansing, integration, and organization of information from electronic health records, claims databases, medical devices, health information exchanges (HIEs), unstructured data, modality data and more.

Feature #1

No-code Data Science Life cycle

By leveraging SquareML's no-code platform, users can effortlessly navigate through data collection, preprocessing, analysis, modeling, and deployment stages of the data science lifecycle without the need for coding efforts. This empowers users of all skill levels to derive insights and value from data, accelerating innovation and decision-making processes.

Machine learning analytics
Machine learning analytics

Feature #2

Generative AI Models for Healthcare

By leveraging SquareML generative AI in healthcare analytics, organizations can enhance diagnostic accuracy, streamline research processes, and ultimately, improve patient care outcomes, marking a significant leap forward in the intersection of technology and healthcare.

Feature #3

Unstructured Data Conversion

Organize and transform raw, disorganized data using our advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques to extract meaning from text, images, and other unorganized data forms into a structured format for analysis and interpretation.

Machine learning analytics
Machine learning analytics

Feature #4

ML Models for Healthcare

Utilize SquareML's diverse range of ML models that can predict patient outcomes, disease progression, and treatment responses based on historical patient data. These models can help healthcare providers tailor treatment plans and interventions.

Feature #5

Pre-built Models and Algorithms

Library of pre-built machine learning models and algorithms specifically designed for healthcare applications, such as predictive analytics for patient outcomes, disease progression, risk stratification and more.

Machine learning analytics
Machine learning analytics

Feature #6

Data Integration and Management

Seamless integration with various data sources commonly found in healthcare settings, including electronic health records (EHR), medical imaging data, laboratory results, and patient demographics.

Actionable Insights

SquareML leverages cutting-edge AI technology to offer personalized health assessments.

Personalized AI Healthcare

Our platform simplifies the healthcare journey.

Streamlined Experience

We believe in the power of data. SquareML provides data-driven insights that help you.


SquareML’s subscription-based pricing models align with the budget constraints of healthcare companies.


Users can integrate with existing data giving users one workspace across the AI life-cycle.​​​

Rapid Deployment​​

Realize value quickly with a platform designed to deliver accelerated deployment.

Multi-Source Integrations

Offers integration with various healthcare sources, facilitating seamless data ingestion and analysis

Compliance and Security

SquareML adheres to strict regulatory requirements such as HIPAA to ensure data protection.


SquareML’s ability to handle increasing computational demands without sacrificing performance.

Why Choose SquareML?

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