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"Machine Learning in a Box"

Transforming Healthcare with Precision: AI-Driven Insights

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, SquareML predictive models can forecast patient volumes, identify patients at risk for certain conditions or readmissions, predict equipment maintenance needs, and anticipate staffing requirements.

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Healthcare Analytics

Predictive analytics for providers

Healthcare insights and predictions made easy

Machine Learning

Use cases


Chronic Kidney Disease

CKD analytics harnesses data insights to understand, monitor, and manage Chronic Kidney Disease, revolutionizing care strategies.


340b Analytics

Seamlessly integrate data sources, including pharmacy claims, electronic health records, and 340B program data, to unearth actionable insights and trends.


360 Patient Journey

Comprehensive 360-degree patient journey analysis, powered by SquareML from appointment scheduling to post-visit follow-ups, we optimize every step to enhance patient satisfaction and improve outcomes.


Data Integration

SquareML seamlessly integrates with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems and healthcare IT infrastructure, enabling smooth data exchange and interoperability.


Disease Progression

SquareML specializes in disease progression analysis, utilizing advanced algorithms to provide actionable insights for healthcare professionals. Empower your practice with our expertise to enhance treatment strategies and patient outcomes.


Image Analysis

Through our cutting-edge algorithms and advanced technologies, we empower industries to extract meaningful information, driving innovation and informed decision-making.


IVF Prediction

SquareML pioneers IVF predictive analytics, revolutionizing fertility care by leveraging algorithms, it forecasts success rates with precision, empowering hopeful parents !


Population Health Analytics

SquareML delves deep into health data's vast expanse, Harnessing insights to enhance population health's stance. Empowering communities with analytics.


Risk Stratification

Assess the likelihood of certain outcomes or events for individual patients to help healthcare providers prioritize care and interventions based on the level of risk a patient may face for a particular condition or complication.

Actionable Insights

SquareML leverages cutting-edge AI technology to offer personalized health assessments.

Personalized AI Healthcare

Our platform simplifies the healthcare journey.

Streamlined Experience

We believe in the power of data. SquareML provides data-driven insights that help you.


SquareML’s subscription-based pricing models align with the budget constraints of healthcare companies.


Users can integrate with existing data giving users one workspace across the AI life-cycle.​​​

Rapid Deployment​​

Realize value quickly with a platform designed to deliver accelerated deployment.

Multi-Source Integrations

Offers integration with various healthcare sources, facilitating seamless data ingestion and analysis

Compliance and Security

SquareML adheres to strict regulatory requirements such as HIPAA to ensure data protection.


SquareML’s ability to handle increasing computational demands without sacrificing performance.

Why Choose SquareML?
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