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"Machine Learning in a Box"

Transforming payer operations with AI-driven analytics entails leveraging advanced analytics techniques and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance various aspects of payer organizations' operations, including cost management, risk assessment, fraud detection, member engagement, and quality improvement.

Transforming payer operations with
AI-driven analytics

Healthcare Analytics

ML models for payer analytics

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Payer analytics

Use Cases

Payer insights and predictions made easy
Payer analytics
Payer analytics
Payer analytics
Care Management Analytics

SquareML's Care Management Analytics solution empowers healthcare organizations to optimize care delivery, improve patient outcomes, and control costs through data-driven insights and interventions.

Payer analytics
Readmissions Prediction

Assess provider quality metrics, such as readmission rates, by tracking the number of readmissions within specific time frames (e.g., 30 days, 60 days) for various conditions or procedures.

Payer analytics
Closing Gaps in Care

Leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, our platform enables payers to analyze vast volumes of member data, identify care gaps, and implement targeted interventions to close these gaps effectively.

Payer analytics
Cluster Analytics

SquareML's Cluster Analytics solution enables payers to gain valuable insights into their member populations by identifying meaningful LoB segments and understanding their unique needs, high-cost patterns, and risks.

Payer analytics

Risk stratify patient populations based on clinical characteristics, socio-economic factors, and utilization patterns to identify specific cohorts that may benefit from tailored care management interventions.

Payer analytics
Rising Risk Assessment
Medication Adherence

Provides crucial value-based care metrics, including adherence dashboard for diabetes, hypertension, statin and HIV enabling gap closure, improved patient outcomes, reducing total cost of care improving quality ratings resulting better reimbursement and bonus from CMS.

Payer analytics
Admissions/ Discharge/ Transfer Analytics

Analyzing data related to patient admissions, discharges, and transfers to optimize bed management, streamline patient flow, and enhance care coordination within healthcare facilities.

Payer analytics

SquareML ML models to identify high-risk segments within the member population, such as individuals with chronic conditions, high healthcare utilization, or complex care needs to prioritize interventions and allocate resources effectively.

High-Risk Segments
Payer analytics
Actionable Insights

SquareML leverages cutting-edge AI technology to offer personalized health assessments.

Personalized AI Healthcare

Our platform simplifies the healthcare journey.

Streamlined Experience

We believe in the power of data. SquareML provides data-driven insights that help you.


SquareML’s subscription-based pricing models align with the budget constraints of healthcare companies.


Users can integrate with existing data giving users one workspace across the AI life-cycle.​​​

Rapid Deployment​​

Realize value quickly with a platform designed to deliver accelerated deployment.

Multi-Source Integrations

Offers integration with various healthcare sources, facilitating seamless data ingestion and analysis

Compliance and Security

SquareML adheres to strict regulatory requirements such as HIPAA to ensure data protection.


SquareML’s ability to handle increasing computational demands without sacrificing performance.

Why Choose SquareML?
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