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No-code Machine Learning Platforms: AI/ML for Everyone

Right decisions are the key to success for every business – we all know it. But how to ensure that you make the right decisions, every time?

The answer lies in your data. Put your data at the heart of your decision-making process and get valuable insights. Turn those insights into decisions and get amazing results!

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. To extract game-changing information from your raw data, you must leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning. Businesses can build and deploy smart machine learning models for predictions from the data.

However, traditional AI and Machine Learning projects are notorious for their complexity, high investment in terms of time, money, high level programming skills and data science expertise. Even if you conquer these challenges, there’s no guarantee that your AI project will reach its launch stage.

The statistics show that after investing a fortune in AI projects, most of them fail.

- A 2019 report from VentureBeat shows the AI project failure rate at 87%.

- According to a Gartner report 2020, only 53% of AI projects make their way into production.

With such high failure rates, companies are weary to venture into AI project development. Besides, it’s a challenge for small companies and start-ups to hire a big team of data scientists or data engineers to develop ML models for prediction. Another bottleneck for the companies is to get people with proper coding knowledge for their AI projects.

Does that mean that Machine Learning is reserved only for companies with a big team of technical experts? Can non-AI experts and professionals with domain expertise leverage the benefits of AI? How can small companies develop AI and ML models that are less “code-heavy” and more intuitive? And how to do it without investing a fortune in keeping a large team of expert data scientists or data engineers?

That’s where the “No-code” software or platforms come into the picture. The No-code platforms use simple visual interfaces and drag-and-drop menus that allow people with no specialized AI skills to build prediction models. Using such No-code platforms you can run an algorithm and create your ML model IN MINUTES without writing a SINGLE LINE OF CODE!

Now that’s a boon for many - start-ups, small/mid-size companies, and non-AI experts.

How is the No-Code ML different from the Classic ML?

The number of companies that market the No-code AI platforms has increased rapidly in recent years. SiviSoft’s SquareML is one such AI-based No-code platform. SquareML employs a complete data science life cycle to help companies ingest their data and apply machine learning algorithms to provide intelligent insights. It makes predictions with a high level of accuracy and helps visualize the data in a meaningful way.

To appreciate how the No-code machine learning platforms like SquareML make your life easy, one must understand the difference between the No-code machine learning process and the traditional machine learning development process.

Typically, the traditional ML process involves numerous complex steps. It starts from - identifying a use case, gathering the data, building a model, training it and improving it, etc. Many of these steps are time-consuming and require a high level of expertise.

No-code platforms like SquareML automate some of these intensive steps. It speeds up the entire development process and aids people to benefit from AI without getting down to the nitty-gritty of coding and technicalities at various steps.

How can businesses benefit from No-code machine learning?

As we see, the No-code machine learning platforms bring many benefits for businesses such as:

Create fast, easy, and economic ML products

The No-code ML process is short and simple, fast and economic. With a user-friendly GUI, people without coding knowledge can quickly carry out the analytics and modelling. Small businesses can apply ML to cut costs and increase profit opportunities as no programmers are required. They can make predictions and improve their decision-making.

Become data-driven without a large Data Science Team

No-code machine learning platforms provide businesses an inexpensive and easy way to use machine learning. With such platforms, companies can use the power of AI/ML with even a small team of data scientists and other experts.

So, No-code machine learning platforms like SquareML make the complete process of building ML algorithms and predicting outcomes in just a few clicks. Would you like to experience this superpower?

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