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Hi Arun, This is Dr_edited.png
Hi Arun, This is Dr_edited.png
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Collect. Analyze. Predict.

Create value from your data with SquareML, 

an AI/ML- powered No-code Analytics and Prediction Software.

Hi Arun, This is Dr. Rajesh from Revive Clinic. I'm texting to know the status of your hea

Why SquareML?

SquareML is a software company, delivering cutting-edge solutions to digitalize businesses. SquareML Inc. is the subsidiary of SiviSoft Inc., New Jersey. As an IoT, ML & AI-based solutions provider, SquareML embraces advanced technologies to deliver solutions that can easily adapt to the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. 

The SquareML Analytics and Prediction Software lets you:

  • Automate the analytics process

  • Analyze and visualize

  • Get actionable insights

  • Gather data from multiple sources

  • Transform it within an intuitive environment

  • Apply advanced ML algorithms

And make fact-based decisions!

AIML (2).png

This AI/ML-powered No-code SaaS-based software is designed to help non-AI and non-technical experts leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make agile decisions. It eliminates the need to have people with deep programming knowledge or invest in a large team of data scientists making AI/ML available to everyone.

SquareML gets you improved efficiency, reduced cost, better business outcomes, and eventually higher profitability.

Besides, SquareML supports its customers with a multidisciplinary team of experts including PhDs, Data Scientists, and Doctors with Data Science knowledge.

Most importantly, it helps build a data-savvy culture within the organization!

Risk stratification.png
Risk stratification.png

Risk Stratification

Image analysis_edited.jpg
Image analysis_edited.jpg

Image Analysis/ Handwriting Detection


Natural Language Processing Capability


Healthcare IoT

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Chronic Disease Registry

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Personalized Care In Healthcare Industry 

Challenge: Improving the health and wellness of individuals according to their unique context provides value. A big challenge for the healthcare industry today is to provide personalized care at an affordable price. Analytics software like SquareML help track the individual's progress towards their goals and provide clinicians with evidence to enable personalized care.

Care without SquareML

Care without squareML (2)_edited.png

Care with SquareML

Care with SquareML (2)_edited.png

SquareML for Healthcare

Challenges In Healthcare Industry 

Challenges: The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. But it’s facing many challenges. It's a daunting task to capture, access, monitor, analyze and extract insights from the massive amount of healthcare data. Engaging patients meaningfully throughout their healthcare journey is another complex task for hospitals and healthcare providers. Providing quality care at an optimum cost is also a challenge. All of this is possible now with our end-to-end healthcare analytics and prediction software SquareML.

Healthcare Without Analytics & Prediction Software


Healthcare With Analytics & Prediction Software

Healthcare with squareML.png
Hi Arun, This is Dr_edited.png
Hi Arun, This is Dr_edited_edited.png
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Hi Arun, This is Dr. Rajesh from Revive Clinic_edited.png

Carlton E. Jeffcoat

CISSPSenior VP, Cyber Security Division

Allen Corporation of America, Inc.

"Allen Corporation has partnered with SiviSoft for over 15 years. We have had an outstanding experience with SiviSoft's software products and services."


Richard A. Shaw

Executive Director
EduCentres Information Services Limited

"SiviSoft has been an excellent partner by supporting us and our customers to deliver quality software services and solutions."

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-24 at 9.33.55 PM.jpeg

Lisa Llewellyn-Sprott

Coordinator, Health Information Systems(HIS)

The Ministry of Health, Wellness & the Environment

St Vincent & the Grenadines

"The SDX is a user friendly application that has been developed by Sivisoft and customized to suit our environment to meet the needs of the task force and users."

People who trusted us on their Data-Centric journey



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